Learn the Digital Marketing Skills that all REAL businesses need to know

I'm going to help you get
more leads & more growth.

We are living in an age of unprecedented online opportunity.  

It has never been easier to start or continue to grow a business,
yet in many respects, it has never seemed so hard. 

Many businesses are just not grabbing this opportunity with both hands.  It can seem a very overwhelming, scary and time-consuming task that can get pushed to the side. 

Too often I see this work being moved to the "one-day" pile.

Well one day never comes

It doesn't matter if you are a new startup or an established player,
Everyone needs the same thing.


Where do I start in the online world?

What do I need to know, really to help my business?

What can I do myself to save money and how do I implement it?

What can I give to someone else to do, so save me time in my business?

The days of just a website.

You were so proud when your business launched that baby. Ahead of the game!

You didn't really know what it was meant to do, but you knew you needed one and as long as that logo of yours looked great, people would find you and call.

and for a while, that worked.

and then it stopped. 

It was so much easier back in the day

So you got the youngest person in your office to help you set up a Facebook page.

You started to share stuff that everyone else seemed to be doing online.  You got quite a few likes and comments

aaaaand... not much else. 

So, it kind of worked for a while, but now, nothing.

Crickets. No Engagement, No Leads, No Sales.

It was around this time you thought, I know what we need, we need to get on Facebook.

So you handed over several thousand $$$ to have them optimise your website for you, fix up your keywords and start doing some Google Ads.

But so far, you are not sure what is working or not. 

You don't know what to check or how. They never showed you.

and you aren't generating all calls or sales.

So you started to worry about this whole online thing when out of the blue, you received a call from one of those online SEO business places and they promised to fix everything!

They said that you could learn everything you needed about Digital Marketing...but it turns out that the workshop just made you more confused than ever. 

They said you need to use email marketing more and you had better start blogging. 

This would be great you think, except you don't really know what it is you should be writing about. 

You have email marketing, but you don't really send emails as you don't have really anything to say and in the past, people just unsubscribed and didn't buy anything anyway.  

You recognise that you need to get more skills, so you went to a free 2 hour business event in your area. This will help me!

Sound like anyone you know? 

To properly and powerfully benefit from the online space, you need a series of pieces in a puzzle to fit together perfectly. But you also need to know what and where you can get those pieces. 

In addition, the overall picture has to align with your goals, ethics, and overall business objectives.

If yours doesn’t I’ve created something especially for you.

Isn’t it time to take charge of your online business presence?

No more cobbled together, spot fire marketing – just 8 weeks of equipping you with the tools you need to turn your online presence into the client attraction engine your business deserves.

Digital Ascent
An 8 week online course in digital marketing
strategy for business 

The Digital Ascent Program can be completed by anyone with an interest in Digital Marketing for Business but it is particularly helpful for the following people. 

  • Business Owners
  • Marketers or Salespeople inside a Business
  • Graphic Designers & Web Developers looking to expand their client offer in a more holistic way
  • The office go-to admin person who would like to grow their career
  • Communication Specialists looking to improve their digital marketing skills
  • Anyone over the age of 35 - I love digital immigrants!
  • Anyone willing to try new things and new ways of doing things
  • Anyone who is willing to feel a little uncomfortable with technology at times
  • You have been in business for a while and need to learn the new ways of doing things
  • Can commit to 3-4 hours of learning per week for 8 weeks. 

Who is this course for?

The Digital Ascent Program is not for you if

  • you already know everything
  • aren't willing to try new things
  • are afraid of asking questions
  • aren't willing to feel a little uncomfortable with technology at times
  • aren't willing to stretch your mind at times and be creative
  • your business idea is still a little twinkle in your eye
  • cannot commit to 3-4 hours of learning per week

8 weeks. Tailored, individual marketing and online business strategy.

A personal guide for every step of the way. 

How does it work?

Over the course of the Digital Ascent program, I will share with you practical and proven 

methods that I have successfully implemented in my businesses, as well as many others just like yours. These are actionable strategies that have been key contributors to online 

business success and achievement of business objectives.

Module 1 - BASE CAMP

Get your bearings and map to the summit. We’ll take a reading of ALL your key data before we commence, and understand where the summit is. You’ll get all the checklists and handy tools you’ll need

We’re on the path. First up, your Digital Ecosystem. What is it, why do you need it, and how to construct one so you can effectively plan for the future from a solid foundation

Module 2: Digital Ecosystem

Module 4: Social

In-depth look at your Social Elements - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Snapchat. We’ll walk you through automation, advertising and building your customers via a social community

Let’s look at why your current web elements aren’t working together to achieve optimal outcome for your business. Landing pages, email marketing, blogs and e-commerce, these elements should all come together to achieve your business goals 

Module 3: Web Elements

Rest Week

Phew! You are halfway, let’s take stock of all we’ve learned, ask more questions and reset for the next part of your ascent. 

Module 5: Content Marketing

We go deep into the content marketing elements you need and look at planning, implementation & timing to reduce feeling overwhelmed here. You will have the time.

Module 6: Search Marketing

It’s what will get you noticed on search engines - how can you increase your ranking, find out what content is working, what’s not and how to effectively buy more visibility in front of YOUR customers

Module 7: Personal Branding

People buy from people they know, like and trust, so what does your online footprint say about you? How do help control this message?

Module 8: Digital Strategy

Let’s turn all your hard work and dedication into action. We’ll show you how to compile your Digital Strategy so it’s ready for you to implement and achieve your objectives. 

Summit Celebration

You made it. Let’s party! We’ll reflect on what you’ve learned, created, planned and are now ready to implement to grow the success of your business. 

Limited to
20 people

Digital Ascent

$1297 AUD

We have 2 tiers of training available. 

Both provide you with access to the course for the lifetime of the course, a private Facebook group to ask questions and bounce ideas off, plus a weekly webinar with me to answer your questions.

The mentoring option gives you additional time with me (4hrs) to develop your own digital marketing plan at the conclusion of the course. 

How much does it cost?

Digital Ascent + Mentoring

$1997 AUD

Limited to
5 people

3 payments

Digital Ascent


I am glad you asked!

Yes I have a payment plan.

You can stagger your payments over 3 months for the standard track

You can stagger your payments over 4 months for the mentoring track

Payment Plan Options

Digital Ascent + Mentoring


4 payments

I’m Leanne O’Sullivan and with nearly two decades of working in the ever evolving digital and web space, I can spot a fad a mile off.

I also have been guilting of working too hard on the wrong stuff.

When I think back about three years to where I was in our business, I was probably just like you, far too busy. 

Busy every single day, working on the wrong things. It was only when things became really bad & I made myself sick,  that I got an opportunity to pull back and really have a look what I was doing and how I was doing it and think again about where I was focusing my energy.

Often when we're thinking about time, we're thinking about our levels of activity. 

If I'm doing lots of things, I'm obviously achieving something, but are they the right things? How do you know? 

Leanne O'Sullivan, Founder & Chief Sherpa - Summit School with Leanne O,
Digital Strategist & Co-Founder - Big Blue Digital. 

Wife, Mother to 3 teenage children and part-time university pysch student.

So what did I learn and how can I help you?

Well, I've learned a lot in the last three years, and that's why I've put together this programme, because I know it's really going to help you. I want you to think of me as your personal sherpa. I'm going to do all the heavy lifting for you as we walk towards the summit for your business.

I also know intimately the stresses and pressures of running a business myself. It was only a couple of years ago we found ourselves so busy we forgot what we knew about 

strategy. We were working ‘in the business’ and never ‘on the business’. We were juggling –personal lives, work lives, the demands of our children and always, always the business. 

The Digital Ascent program was born from those struggles.

I took everything I knew about marketing and strategy for business and broke it down into actionable steps. I now show other business owners what to focus on (which is often quite different to what they are currently consumed by!)

I thoroughly enjoy watching the reactions when business owners realise they’ve gained back hours and hours of precious time by implementing the tactics and using the tools I’ve shown 

them to make informed decisions about their business. 

I have a killer tool kit and experience as a business Sherpa. Who better to guide you up the mountain to your own personal digital strategy summit?

Come with me.

About your Digital Sherpa

Leanne brings clear and concise communication from within an industry that is highly technical with complex jargon. She has the ability to decipher and present information in such a way that you can leave a session feeling informed, up to date and not confused. The material in the program has been filled with step by step examples that after the education you realise “I can do this”.

If you have avoided embracing technology in your business because of your fear of the unknown, then understanding your digital ecosystem with Leanne O’Sullivan is the program for you. 

Alicia Hendy, Director - Hendy HR


I’ve worked with Leanne and her agency, for over six years now and our relationship has matured and maintained across various changes of roles between regional NSW and metropolitan Sydney. Whilst I’m really aware of their strong customer service and client-focused offerings in the website build, guidance on development and social media, only recently have I come to learn of their extensive and unique offering to clients in the area of education, upskilling and training via Summit School. 

‘Digital Ascent’ is an extensive introduction to the world of digital marketing and online engagement and in every sense is detailed, motivating and engaging. 

Delivered completely online, you are able to work through the materials at your own pace with the support of the other participants and facilitator Leanne, the self-styled ‘Sherpa’ makes it fun, interesting and engaging throughout, it’s not just text, there are webinars, online chats and videos to keep things interesting. 

The learning from the course is something I’m already applying in the online digital community engagement space in the government sector and the course is also very suitable for B2B and B2C relationships in the private sector. The techniques we stepped through during this course will continue to be applied now and in future. 

Best of all, I’m ecstatic that we are already exceeding some half-year targets in social growth, only 4 months into the year. We’ve grown some of our engagement targets by 200% over the last year and I’m really happy with how the digital techniques helped us do that, particularly in the last quarter. I only wish I had learned this years ago!

Merryn Spencer | Research and Consultation Coordinator 

Marketing and City Identity | Parramatta City Council 


I'm going to teach you the processes that I know are going to help you get to your summit faster.

I've got everything you need when we get to basecamp. There's no time like now.

Cart closing SOON.

Full program kicks off on the 24th June.

Build a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable business using the RIGHT digital marketing tools.


The capacity to learn is a gift,

The ability to learn is a skill,

The willingness to learn is a choice

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